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Want someone to make your media kit for you? I'm here to help!

Yes, make my media kit!

Want to be ready for your spotlight?

The right media materials need to be in place before they visit your website.

Look more professional with a great media kit.

Imagine that an influencer comes to your website to find more information about you. Maybe it’s a...

  • Reporter or podcaster who wants to interview you.
  • Segment producer considering you as a guest for the show.
  • Columnist or blogger that wants to include you in a roundup article.
  • Bookseller or librarian considering whether to carry your book.
  • Event planner who wants to book you for a conference.

The right PR materials are a vital part of explaining yourself and your work to them.

The best part? A media kit on your website works whether you're there or not--an influencer can grab it any time, day or night.

But maybe you’re struggling.

Maybe you don’t know how to make your media kit.

Maybe you’re having difficulties writing about yourself in the third person.

Maybe you just don’t have the time.

If you just wish someone else would take care of it for you—I’m here to help!

I can draw on my 30 years experience working in the media to create an outstanding author media kit for you.


Glad you asked! Everything starts with my interview with you. Based on our recorded interview, these are the media kit pieces I can write for you...

Author Bios: Short (One sentence), Medium (50 words or less), Long (100 words or less)

The media wants a brief explanation of who you are as an author, what you write, and what differentiates you from other authors. These bios need to be different lengths for different uses--ranging from a simple blurb to an introduction to an article. You can also use these bios for your own promotional needs, including social media profiles, copy for your book covers, and more.

Suggested Interview Questions (10-20)

In most cases, an interviewer hasn’t read your book. (Don’t take it personally.) A set of suggested interview questions allows the interviewer to intelligently discuss your topic, what you can share with the audience, and why you know what you’re talking about.

Author Q&A (5-10 questions and answers)

The Author Q&A is a version of the questions where you’ve already answered them. The media may use it to help them prepare for an interview, or to complement their interview after the fact. For some media, this Q&A may be all they need. They may copy-and-paste straight out of this document to quote it, remix it, repurpose it, or run it as-is for their readers.


Your digital media kit will include a one-sheet, sometimes also called a “sell sheet” or a “tip sheet.” This serves as kind of a one-page version of your media kit. It will especially come in handy when you talk to event planners, libraries, or booksellers.

Feature article available for press use (400-600 words)

Your feature article is a fully fleshed-out magazine-style article of 400 to 600 words. This might be used in one of several ways, including as research for an interview, a resource for a simple quote, or some media outlets might choose to run it as-is as a feature.

Podcast-quality Audio/Video File

If you purchase the Premium package, the recording of our interview will be edited and produced into a podcast-quality mp3 or mp4 file that can be uploaded to your author media page. This sample media interview demonstrates your personality and how you would sound on their show.

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Your Get-It-Done-For-You Ninja

I'm an expert in media, social media, and email marketing. I've spent more than 30 years experience working at national media brands--I've been a magazine editor, a columnist, a journalist, and a broadcaster, with field experience covering music, publishing, human interest, and more. (There was also that time I was the editor of a bridal magazine. Long story.) I'm also an experienced social media manager, and certified in email marketing. As a published novelist, I've written suspense and mysteries for traditional publishers and as a self-published author.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a media kit? What will it get me?
A media kit hosted on your author website is a vital part of explaining yourself, your latest work, and your brand in a clear and consistent manner. It’s there for members of the media, retailers, and even your readers. Without a clear message about yourself on your site, then they are at the mercy of whatever scraps of information they might find.
Won’t interested parties just contact me for this information?
Not necessarily. Members of the media are often racing against deadlines and other demands on their time. Besides, if you don’t have this sort of kit available, then you have to explain yourself in that same clear and concise manner—on the spot! Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be prepared for that ahead of time?
Why should I pay you to make my media kit instead of doing it myself?
You’re free to create your own PR kit. (I’ve posted many resources on BUILD YOUR BRAND ACADEMY to help you do that.) But it can be difficult to talk about yourself objectively—after all, you can’t watch the parade when you’re in the parade. Not to mention, time spent on your media materials is time you could’ve been writing. When you hire me, you can save yourself a lot of time—and headache. I will create a professional-quality media kit—drawing on my 30+ years working in the media, during which I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of press materials.
What happens in the "pre-interview"?
In each of the available packages, you and I will get together online or over the phone for two different calls. The first of these will be a conversation where we discuss your specific author brand, and plan together the best way to approach your author interview. Our second call will be the interview itself.
How does this process help me prepare for future media interviews?
As we work together on this project, you'll get a better feel for how to present yourself in an interview situation. Even better, when I conduct your author interview, it's a chance to practice being an interview subject. (But in this case, the interviewer is pulling for you, and willing to coach you through it.)

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. We do not accept projects that contain content that we determine in our sole discretion is unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party’s intellectual property.

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