Facebook Author Page Jumpstart (Done-For-You)

I'll create or update your Facebook page and set you up with free tools to make posting SO much easier!

If you're ready to leverage the power of Facebook for your author platform, I'm here to help!

There are more people on Facebook – active people, who are liking, sharing, commenting – than there are people living in any country on the face of the earth. Love it or hate it, Facebook is too big to ignore. Taking Facebook for granted would be a huge mistake for any author. Especially for an author who's struggling to be noticed and wants to grow their platform.

But does your author page on Facebook make the right impression? If your author page is in desperate need of a refresh – or worse, you don’t even have a Facebook page – I’m here to help!

Whether you need a brand-new author page or you need me to update your existing author page, the Facebook Author Page Jumpstart will help you leverage the amazing power of Facebook to promote your brand and your book.

Two (2) one-hour consultations

We'll hop on a call together (phone or Zoom) to discuss:

  • The author’s unique brand position
  • The author’s target audience
  • Other authors, influencers, or experts in the author’s category
  • Types of content that can be created for the page
  • How to make the best use of the free tools available for your author page and for audience engagement

Create or update Facebook author page with appropriate branding

I'll create consistent, professional branding on the CLIENT’S Facebook author page that complements the author’s website and online branding. The initial setup will include author presentation, headers, and necessary graphic elements.

This will require the client to have a unique Facebook profile. (A Facebook “profile” is a unique user profile; the Facebook “page” can only be accessed from within your own unique user profile.)

If I need to create the author page from scratch, I will assign it to the client’s unique Facebook profile. If I’m updating an existing page, I’ll need temporary admin access to that page.

10 pre-written posts + graphics

I'll then write a series of 10 pre-written posts - and create the accompanying graphic elements - that represent your author brand and will engage with your target audience. These posts will hit on the different ways to engage with your target audience, with a mix of posts that educate, enlighten, and entertain. Some of them will even promote your book. ;)

Set up simple automation with FREE tools

With those same 10 posts—which will be evergreen content—I’ll plug them into FREE tools that allow you to automatically post them again and again. In our second consultation call, I’ll walk you through how to easily update your content and drop in new content on the fly. It will be EASY to never run out of content for your Facebook page!

The Facebook Author Page Jumpstart is focused on setting up the profile to have consistent branding and a professional presence. No promise has been made regarding the size or rate of growth of the author’s audience during the scope of this work.

Your Get-It-Done-For-You Ninja

I’m Chris Well from Build Your Brand Academy. I'm an experienced social media manager, with years of experience working on Facebook pages for national brands--creating pages, updating pages, and engaging with thousands of followers. I want to bring that expertise to your author page. As a fellow author, I understand how important it is to reach the right readers with the right message. Let me put my experience to work for you!

Get started now!

Facebook is too important to be an afterthought. If you're ready to leverage the power of Facebook for your author platform, order your Facebook Author Page Jumpstart today!