Author Platform Consulting

One-on-One Call Where We Discuss YOUR Platform and YOUR Audience!

An author platform has so many moving parts...

There's a lot to setting up your author platform. Setting up the correct content on your author website. Posting the right kind of stuff on Facebook and other social platforms. Explaining what sets you apart from others in your field. Making connections with the media and influencers who can introduce you to new readers.

Overwhelmed? What if you and I created your plan TOGETHER?

Are you tired of trying to figure this all out alone? Let’s connect and talk about your situation. We'll discuss what you're struggling with, and the critical points that need work. Together, we can can map out a plan--with specific action steps--to improve your author platform.



I'm opening up a limited number of slots for personal, one-on-one consulting sessions to help you understand what you have to offer the world—and then we can create a list of practical steps to help you find your breakthrough.

Which of these areas do you want help with?

Choose the ONE you want to focus on...


  • Setting up a consistent brand across your online profiles, including social platforms like Facebook, plus Amazon Author Central and Goodreads
  • Framing your message in a way that helps you stand out
  • Targeting and attracting your ideal audience


  • Presenting your author brand in a clear and effective manner
  • The 5 critical points of your author website and steps to make it better
  • How to get the most attention from search engines


  • Brainstorm topics for your blog or social accounts that will demonstrate your expertise
  • Leveraging tools to distribute your content easily and automatically
  • Guest posting strategies and topics


  • How to create and engage a list of email subscribers
  • Ideas for easy-to-make lead magnets and how to use them to build your list
  • Leveraging the right tools to create, schedule, and automate posting to social accounts
  • Brainstorm ideas for social posts to engage the right audience
  • Leveraging your social posts to network with key influencers


  • Create a compelling list of suggested interview questions that you can pass along to interviewers
  • Receive a professional critique of your media page and/or your media materials - with practical steps to make them better
  • Get a list of practical ways to leverage your media opportunities for more media opportunities
  • Receive an objective critique of your specific pitch topics and emails that you plan to send to members of the media
  • Networking with the right influencers to reach your target audience

Whichever of these areas you want to attack, you’ll receive specific, actionable, personalized ways to improve your author platform. You’ll also get answers to your questions.


  1. You fill out a form explaining the specific area you want help with.
  2. We schedule a one-hour Zoom video chat or phone call so we can create a specific strategy based on your particular author brand and target audience.
  3. You'll receive a PDF with a list of specific action steps.
  4. You can have two (2) follow-up emails to get your questions answered.

Ready to get started?

Let’s work together to build your platform, grow your audience, and get more people to read your books.

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Chris Well helps authors leverage the power of the media to grow their platform. He’s a media veteran with 30+ years experience working in editorial content, social media management, and email marketing for several local and national media brands. An author himself, he can adapt his expertise into practical ideas to help indie authors get the most out of their website, blog, email list, and social profiles.

NOTE: We only offer consultations on weekdays.

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