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Get More Shares: 8 Tips to Get the Most out of JustRetweet

You've worked hard creating some amazing content--maybe it's an episode of your podcast, the new article on your blog, or a promotional eBook, webinar, or video--but now you need for people to find it! When you push out an announcement through social media, you cross your fingers in hopes that...


Email Best Practices for Authors [Infographic]

Too many authors scramble on social media to build their follower count, or jump through hoops to get more traffic to their blog or website. But without a strategy to build an email list, these efforts are a lot of work with little return. An online strategy that doesn’t include building your...


Podcasting For Authors: Articles and Resources

Whether you are an author, expert, or thought-leader, podcasting is a great way to to connect with your audience and demonstrate your authority in your category. Your podcast series can revolve around audio versions of your writings, interviews with other experts in your field, lessons from...


What Authors Can Post Online (Without Driving Away Followers)

In the course of building your author platform, you send out all kinds of communications—including blog entries, social media posts, and email newsletters. Every one of these messages is an opportunity to connect, engage, and build relationships with influencers, peers, and your future readers....