I had no interest in these chips--but this is how they got me...

My wife and I were at the grocery store when we came across a display for a new line of novelty-flavored potato chips. Normally, I'd have no interest -- as a rule, I don't enjoy novelty-flavored snacks.

However, these bags of potato chips included the faces and names of the people who'd submitted thse particular flavors. Each also shared how he or she was inspired to invent this flavor.

That got my attention. It wasn't someone shouting at me, "Buy these new potato chips!" It was a person telling me a story.

As you're building your platform, you should do that too: Tell a story. What are the kinds of stories you can tell?

1) Tell a story about yourself.

What's something that's interesting about you? About why you wrote the book? What you overcame to write the book? How your life has changed that made you write the book? How your life has changed in the process of writing the book? How your life has changed as a result of the book?

2) Tell a story about the book.

I'm not referring to the story inside the book itself -- but the stories you can tell that are around the book. Share a behind-the-scenes story. Share why you wrote this book. Share some of the facts or history you uncovered in the course of writing this book.

3) Tell a story about the readers.

Explain how people's lives will be changed because they read this book. How will readers be educated, enlightened, or entertained?

The media doesn't care that you have a book.

If you're going to get the interest of media influencers--and their audiences--then you have to come up with something better than "I'm an author" or "I have a book." What you need to do is tell a story.

What's your story? Follow the link to the Build Your Brand Academy page on Facebook and tell me!